Hi, I'm Karl.

And this is Jambr...

... my attempt at documenting my adventures as a developer.

I regularly come across, or generally do quite interesting things in my day job, so when I have some time I try and write about them. Hopefully you'll find some of the Articles handy.

Karl Stoney


So what is Jambr?

And who is Karl?

Firstly, Jambr

Jambr was created in in December, 2012 as a place for me to post Programming Articles that I want to write as a result of my day job as a Senior Developer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security Services in the UK. Some people have asked how I came up with the name. Honestly, I don't remember, it has absolutly no meaning!

I have to admit, Jambr is also my sandbox. I like to test out new frameworks and technologies on here first before I use them in a commercial environment.

In case you're interested, my articles get synced via RSS to my profile at Code Project where anyone can read them.

Secondly, Me

As I just mentioned, I'm a Senior Developer as HP where I focus on, primarily but not exclusivly, web development. My personal focus is around Microsoft technologies, primarily .NET MVC however, like most developers I tend to venture into other languages too.


You can find Jambr on Facebook, Twitter and my personal profile on LinkedIn. Please take the time to follow/like me, as my articles will be posted to these places first.


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